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The Site

 Web Page  Description Date Retina PW
 The 2023 Galleries  Migrating to a new gallery platform Oct 2023 Yes  
 About this Site  Information on how this site was built Jan 1999    
 Change History  Just to keep track of things... Jan 1999    
 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)  Answers to common questions Nov 2008    
 Index  Listing of this section's pages in the order they were added Jan 1999    
 January 2012 Update  Changes effective January, 2012 Jan 2012    
 Redirected Pages  A summary of pages that are redirected Aug 2021    
 Site Map  This page Nov 2014    
 Statistics  Where we count the visitors Oct 2022  Yes  
 Technical Information  The hardware and software used to produce this site Nov 2008    

The Family

 Web Page  Description Date Retina PW
 At the Cathouse  A visit to Evelyne's house in Petit Landau Aug 2008    
 La Colmiane  Eric took these pictures during a class trip to the mountains Jan 1999   Yes
 Contacting Us  E-mail addresses, fax numbers, etc. Jan 1999    
 Daniel  Daniel's personal page Nov 2008    
 Daniel's Nostalgia Page  Photos from further back than I care to remember... Aug 2006    
 David  David's personal page Jan 1999   Yes
 David's Friends  Some of David's old friends Feb 2000   Yes
 David's Marineland Report  David's stage en entreprise report Jan 1999   Yes
 Eric  Eric's personal page Oct 2001   Yes
 Eric's graduation  Two pages of photos to remember the day Sep 2005    
 Eric's Snowman  A snowman unlike any other Feb 1999   Yes
 Evelyne's 50th  Souvenirs of a fabulous birthday party Jul 2003    
 Index  Listing of this section's pages in the order they were added Jan 1999    
 Snoopy  Snoopy's personal page Aug 2006    
 Vicki  Vicki's personal page Nov 2008   Yes
 The Wedding  By popular demand, some pictures of David and Amelia's wedding Oct 2010 Yes  

The Area

 Web Page  Description Date Retina PW
 Aix-en-Provence  A long overdue visit to this beautiful place Oct 2014 Yes  
 Antibes  The nearest town from where we used to live May 2001    
 Antibes Revisited  A few more recent photographs of this picturesque city Mar 2010    
 Area Map  Showing our neck of the woods Jul 2018    
 Auribeau-sur-Siagne  Sharing narrow footpaths with over 1,500 cyclists May 2016 Yes  
 Aven & Plateau de Cavillore  A hike and an unexpected rescue operation May 2009    
 Beuil  Summer photos of the oldest ski resort in the area Jul 2001    
 Biot  Right around the corner from where we live Aug 2013 Yes  
 Cannes  Strolling down the famous Croisette Sep 2018 Yes  
 Cannes Film Festival 2010  Strolling along the Croisette during the Festival! May 2010 Yes  
 Le Cannet  Better two decades late than never! Aug 2013 Yes  
 Cap d'Antibes  Walking along the western shore of this beautiful cape Jan 2010    
 Cassis  Cassis and its famous calanques Apr 2008    
 Castellane  Climbing up to Notre Dame du Roc Nov 2012 Yes  
 Le Château  Views of the château in Nice Mar 2015 Yes  
 Cimiez  The fancy part of Nice—since Roman times Sep 2000    
 Entrevaux  This medieval village is a must-see Jul 2001    
 The Esterel  Photos of a wonderful hike through the Esterel Feb 2007    
 Eze Village  One of the most beautiful villages of the Riviera Sep 2015 Yes  
 A day trip to Fréjus  Worth a visit for things other than its Roman heritage Oct 2021 Yes  
 Gorges du Loup  Hiking around this amazing canyon Mar 2007 Yes  
 Gorges du Verdon  Following the sentier du pêcheur Feb 2007 Yes  
 Gourdon  In Queen Victoria's footsteps... Feb 2016 Yes  
 Index  Listing of this section's pages in the order they were added Jan 1999    
 Mandelieu–La Napoule  Taking a boat trip to have lunch... and see a castle Sep 2020 Yes  
 Menton  Visiting The Pearl of France May 2015 Yes  
 Monaco  Finally! Photos of the principality at our doorstep Jul 2006    
 Montagne Sainte-Victoire  The most spectacular hike yet Jul 2007 Yes  
 Mougins  This picturesque village is just minutes from where we live Jul 2013 Yes  
 Moustiers-Sainte-Marie  Worth a visit whether one likes faïence or not Sep 2014 Yes  
 Moustiers: Two-Day Photo Trip  Plateau of Valensole, Gorges of the Verdon, Lake Sainte-Croix... Aug 2021 Yes  
 Nice by iPhone  A stroll without a camera... except the iPhone! Apr 2009    
 Peille  A village of Via Ferrata fame Oct 2013 Yes  
 Peillon  A village that tourism hasn't discovered yet Sep 2013 Yes  
 Pic du Cap Roux  The best view from any Esterel peak Jun 2023 Yes  
 Polygone Riviera  A shopping theme park right at our doorstep Mar 2016 Yes  
 Port Grimaud and Grimaud  Visiting The Venice of Provence Oct 2015 Yes  
 Puy de Tourrettes and Pic de Courmettes  Or: The Twin Peaks Hike Apr 2007    
 Roquebrune Cap Martin  Featuring, among other things, a very old olive tree Oct 2020 Yes  
 Saint Barnabé  A huge plateau and a most elusive hamlet Sep 2008 Yes  
 Saint-Honorat  Sixteen centuries of religious history Apr 2009    
 Saint-Paul de Vence  Photos of one of the most visited villages in France Jun 2014 Yes  
 Saint-Raphaël  A typical Riviera seaside town on the other side of the Esterel Sep 2010    
 Saint-Tropez  This could well be the most famous of them all Aug 2015 Yes  
 Sainte Agnès  The highest coastal village in Europe May 2000    
 Sainte-Marguerite  Photos from a visit to the larger of the Iles de LÚrins Dec 2010    
 Le Suquet en fleur  Checking out one of the newer festivals in Cannes Jun 2010    
 The Thoronet Abbey  Visiting a nicely restored Cistercian Abbey Jun 2013 Yes  
 Tour de la Castre  A bird's-eye view of Cannes Apr 2014 Yes  
 Tourrettes-sur-Loup  Home of the world's best croissants? Aug 2018 Yes  
 Valbonne  A few photographs of the village of Valbonne Jul 2012 Yes  
 Villefranche-sur-Mer  A winter visit to a seaside resort east of Nice Jul 2012 Yes  
 Le Vieux Nice  The old part of Nice and the old market Jun 2016 Yes  
 Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild  Baroness Béatrice de Rothschild's home on Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat Nov 2016 Yes  

Trips & Excursions

 Web Page  Description Date Retina PW
 Ashland, Virginia  Visiting a railway and college town to attend a concert May 2019 Yes  
 Asheville  Eric's idea: just parents and kids! Jan 2013 Yes  
 Baltimore  Visiting Eric for a couple of days Jan 2019 Yes  
 Barcelona  A weekend in the Catalonian capital Apr 2015 Yes  
 Basel  A pre-Christmas trip to northwestern Switzerland Jan 2016 Yes  
 Basel Zoo  Some animal pictures from a pretty zoo Apr 2010 Yes  
 Les Baux de Provence  Alone in a wonderful medieval village Mar 2012 Yes  
 Belgium Part 1  Spending some time in Brussels Aug 2022 Yes  
 Belgium Part 2  Visiting Bruges and Ghent Sep 2022 Yes  
 Berlin  Visiting the German capital Mar 2008    
 The Biltmore  Visiting the largest privately-owned house in the United States Dec 2016 Yes  
 Blowing Rock  Fall colors, mostly in and around Blowing Rock, especially Bass Lake Dec 2020 Yes  
 Bordighera  An off-season visit to an Italian Riviera resort town Mar 2013 Yes  
 Bordighera 2019  Revisiting this lovely Italian Riviera resort town Aug 2019 Yes  
 California Part 1  In and Around San Francisco May 2024 Yes  
 California Part 2  From San Francisco to Santa Barbara Jun 2024 Yes  
 California Part 3  Venice, Indian Wells, Joshua Tree Nat’l Park Jul 2024 Yes  
 La Camargue  A photosafari to the Rhőne delta Mar 2009 Yes  
 La Camargue revisited  Returning to a favorite place—3 years later. Apr 2012 Yes  
 Camargue 2018 (1)  A three-day visit to the Camargue—Part 1 Jun 2018 Yes  
 Camargue 2018 (2)  A three-day visit to the Camargue—Part 2 Jul 2018 Yes  
 Camp des Milles  Exploring a more somber side of French history Oct 2012 Yes  
 Canyon trip (1)  Visiting Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks Feb 2017 Yes  
 Canyon trip (2)  Visiting Canyonlands and Arches National Parks Mar 2017 Yes  
 Canyon trip (3)  Visiting Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, and Hoover Dam Apr 2017 Yes  
 Carcassonne  One fortified city, two perfectyly preserved ring walls Jan 2017 Yes  
 Chapel Hill and surroundings  In and around our other home town... May 2014 Yes  
 Charleston  A short but memorable trip to this beautiful South Carolina town Oct 2016 Yes  
 Charlotte & Lucy  Taking a trip to Charlotte to attend a Lucy Kaplansky concert Mar 2023 Yes  
 Christmas in Amsterdam  Continuing the tradition... (2008) Jan 2009 Yes  
 Christmas in London  An enjoyable trip inspired by our Christmas in New York (2002) Jan 2003    
 Christmas in New York  Something we had wanted to do for many years (1999( Jan 2000    
 Christmas in Paris  Celebrating in the City of Lights! (2011) Dec 2011 Yes  
 Christmas in Rome  The third in our series of Christmas in major cities (2004) Nov 2023 Yes;  
 Colmar  Spending a day in the capital of Alsatian wine Dec 2013 Yes  
 Corsica  Once a year, we try to visit this wonderful island May 1999    
 Corsica 2008  A quick February trip to the Island of Beauty Mar 2008    
 Corsica 2013  The Norm and Andrea trip...without Norm and Andrea May 2013 Yes  
 Corsica, three days in  We return to the Island of Beauty for a long weekend Jun 2012 Yes  
 The Cruise (2004)  One of our best vacations ever! Jul 2023 Yes  
 Ephesus  Like taking a 2000-year journey in a time machine Jul 2012 Yes  
 Fearrington Village  Visiting a lovely place very close to our US hone Jan 2023 Yes  
 Frioul  Visiting the two largest islands of the Frioul archipelago Aug 2006 Yes  
 Giens and Hyères  From the Port du Niel to the old town of Hyères Apr 2016 Yes  
 Hawaii Part 1  Part 1 of our Hawaiian vacation: Arrival and Maui Apr 2020 Yes  
 Hawaii Part 2  Part 2 of our Hawaiian vacation: Kauai May 2020 Yes  
 Hawaii Part 3  Part 3 of our Hawaiian vacation: Oahu Jun 2020 Yes  
 Hawaii Part 4  Part 4 of our Hawaiian vacation: Oahu July 2020 Yes  
 Hawaii: A Day on the Big Island  Revisiting some favorites sites on the Island of Hawaii Jan 2022 Yes  
 Hawaii 2023 Part 1  A few 2023 photos taken on the island of Oahu Apr 2023 Yes  
 Hawaii 2023 Part 2  A few 2023 photos taken on the Big Island May 2023 Yes  
 Index  Listing of this section's pages in the order they were added Jan 1999    
 Ireland 2018 Part 1  Dublin and Glendalough Oct 2018 Yes  
 Ireland 2018 Part 2  Galway, Inisheer, and Cliffs of Moher Nov 2018 Yes  
 Ireland 2018 Part 3  Dingle and Cashel Dec 2018 Yes  
 Ireland 2019  A short trip to the Emerald Isle, this time including Northern Ireland Nov 2019 Yes  
 Israel, two days in  Touring Galilee and visiting Jerusalem and Bethlehem May 2012 Yes  
 Lisbon Part 1  A long overdue trip to Portugal's capital Jan 2018 Yes  
 Lisbon Part 2  A long overdue trip to Portugal's capital Feb 2018 Yes;  
 London and Imperial College  The family helps Eric move to London Aug 2005    
 London: from Kensington to Camden  Daniel and Eric take a walk through London May 2006    
 Lyon  France's second largest city is a great place! Jun 2015 Yes  
 Marseille  Eight hours in France's third-largest city Jul 2015 Yes  
 Marseille Panier and MuCEM  Exploring Marseille's oldest neighborhood and newest museum Jul 2016 Yes  
 Montreal  We finally made it to Canada! Feb 2019 Yes  
 NC Fall Colors  North Carolina Fall Colors Dec 2015 Yes  
 NC State Fair  Not the redneck extravaganza I expected! Nov 2014 Yes  
 New Bern  Just like Bern, Switzerland, New Bern is a city of bears May 2022 Yes  
 New Bern and Beaufort  A trip to the North Carolina coast Aug 2017 Yes  
 New Orleans Part 1  Our first visit to Louisiana (1 of 2) Mar 2024 Yes  
 New Orleans Part 2  Our first visit to Louisiana (2 od 2) Apr 2024 Yes  
 Northern Capitals Cruise (1)  Celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary Aug 2007    
 Northern Capitals Cruise (2)  Celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary Aug 2007    
 Notre Dame de la Garde  Visiting Marseille's Bonne Mère May 2017 Yes  
 Old Salem  Visiting a place originally settled by the Moravian community in 1753 Mar 2020 Yes  
 The Outer Banks  A visit to a beautiful but vulnerable part of the North Carolina coast May 2021 Yes  
 Paris  Some not-so-typical snapshots of a Paris weekend Jan 1999    
 Paris 2008  A weekend in marvellous Paris Nov 2008    
 Paris Weekend  Back in the capital... A belated birthday present Mar 2014 Yes  
 Pearl Harbor  A second visit to Pearl Harbor⸺41 years after the first! Dec 2021 Yes  
 Pont du Gard  Spanning the Gardon for some 2,000 years... Nov 2015 Yes  
 Porquerolles  Photos taken during a day trip to the Porquerolles islands May 1999    
 Prague  A gorgeous city that combines history and beauty May 2011 Yes  
 Richmond, Virginia  An overnight trip to the old Confederacy Capital Nov 2017    
 Riquewihr  A stroll through a medieval Alsatian village Aug 2012 Yes  
 Riverside Park, New York City  It doesn't look like Manhattan, does it? Sep 2006    
 Roussillon  Visiting the Colorado provençal Nov 2013 Yes  
 Sagrada Família  The Barcelona landmark we had missed during our previous visit Sep 2016 Yes  
 Savannah  Visiting America's first planned city Jul 2017 Yes  
 Saxapahaw  A visit to an old cotton mill community Mar 2022 Yes  
 Scotland Part 1  Six days in cool Scotland Aug 2023 Yes  
 Scotland Part 2  Six days in cool Scotland Sep 2023 Yes  
 Seattle and San Juan Island  Meeting Eric halfway between Hawaii and North Carolina Jun 2019 Yes  
 Strasbourg  A few days in Alsace Sep 2021 Yes  
 Switzerland 2019 (Part 1)  First part of a travel report about our 2019 trip to Switzerland Sep 2019 Yes  
 Switzerland 2019 (Part 2)  Second part of a travel report about our 2019 trip to Switzerland Oct 2019 Yes  
 Three Country Tour  Crossing borders every day... Dec 2012 Yes  
 Top of Europe  To the Top of Europe... by train! Jul 2012 Yes  
 Toulon  A visit to the city that is home to the French Mediterranean Fleet Dec 2019 Yes  
 Toulon, a few hours in  Taking a day trip to Toulon again—just because we can Jul 2021 Yes  
 Touring the American Southwest (1)  Saguaro National Park, White Sands National Park, Santa Fe Jun 2022 Yes  
 Touring the American Southwest (2)  El Morro, Petrified Forest National Park, Sedona Jul 2022 Yes  
 Tuscany  Pictures of Pisa, Florence, and Siena Apr 1999    
 The Udvar-Házy Center  Everything from the Wright brothers to the Space Shuttle! May 2018 Yes  
 Vancouver  Crossing from Washington State into Canada Jul 2019 Yes  
 Venice  Photos of some time spent in Venice Feb 2023 Yes  
 Walking on Broadway  Strolling down New York's most famous street Aug 2006    
 Washington, D.C.  Spending some time with Eric and Lake in the US capital Dec 2014 Yes  
 Wilmington, NC  A day trip to the North Carolinian Coast Jun 2010 Yes  
 Winter Walks  December walks through North Carolina woods Feb 2014 Yes  

Moving to France

This section is still on-line but no longer updated. See this page for details.

 Web Page  Description Date Retina PW
 Arrival  You've made it... now what? Oct 2001    
 Contacts  A quick reference to useful contacts May 2000    
 Education  From pre-school to university Feb 2003    
 Employment  The workplace, finding a job, salaries... May 2000    
 Healthcare  How the French system works Mar 2005    
 Housing  Renting or buying a place to live May 2000    
 Index  Listing of this section's pages in the order they were added Jan 1999    
 Introduction  Read this part first! Jul 2001    
 Leisure  There's plenty to do around here! May 2000    
 Preliminaries  Things to do and think about before the move Mar 2005    
 Shopping  What to buy where May 2000    
 Transportation  Trains, planes, automobiles... Jan 2001    
 Useful Information  From the metric system to shoe sizes and public holidays Dec 2004    


 Web Page  Description Date Retina PW
 CIV 1982  Students come and go, but (many) teachers stay Mar 2002    
 At the ECIS Conference  Kids from the Ecole Primaire Sartoux sang at the conference! Nov 1999    
 Index  Listing of this section's pages in the order they were added Jan 1999    
 Litteul KÚvin  A product delivery specialist's greatest delivery yet! Mar 1999    
 Ljubljana  Photos of a really fun business trip May 1999    
 Picnic  Photos of the first annual DSR & QA Picnic (this is work?) Aug 1999    
 Ron's June Party  Souvenir photos of a great party Jun 2000    
 Sainte Maxime 1998  Souvenirs of the Amadeus Distributed Systems 1998 Seminar Jan 1999    
 Sainte Maxime 2000  Photos of the second Amadeus Distributed Systems Seminar Jun 2000    
 Stresa 2002  Photos of the Amadeus Development and Operations Seminar Jan 2003    
 Vincent: an on-site visit  The new kid in town... seen on his own turf Mar 2000    


 Web Page  Description Date Retina PW
 Fascism in France?  A look at the 2002 French presidential election May 2002    
 God Help America!  Digesting the 2004 US Presidential election results Nov 2004    
 iMovie for iPad Woes  Trying to edit video clips on the iPad 2... Apr 2011    
 Index  Listing of this section's pages in the order they were added Feb 2011    
 « Je suis Charlie »  Commenting on the January 2015 terrorism attacks in Paris Feb 2015    
 Lee Phone? Oui!  Waiting in line to spend a lot of money... Dec 2007    
 Letter From New York  In the aftermath of September 11, 2001 Oct 2001    
 Muslims  Comments about the growing anti-Muslim propaganda Feb 2011    
 Republicans and Socialists  Comparing campaign practices on two sides of the Atlantic Nov 2010    
 Teaching France a Lesson?  The United States certainly showed France, right? Aug 2004    
 US, France, and Iraq  In support of... what? Mar 2003    


 Web Page  Description Date Retina PW
 Downsizing  Moving from Nikon to Fujifilm Jan 2020 Yes  
 Fall Colors Recipe  Getting good JPEGs without post-processing Dec 2023 Yes  
 Fujifilm X Raw Studio  Doing in-cameras RAF to JPG conversions—on the computer Mar 2021 Yes  
 Index  Listing of this section's pages in the order they were added Jan 1999    
 Learning Photography All Over Again  Getting to know the X100S Apr 2013 Yes  
 More analog photos from France  A mix of Ektar 100 and Portra 400 images Apr 2019 Yes  
 ON1 NoNoise AI  Comparing ON1's NoNoise AI with DxO's DeepPRIME Nov 2021 Yes  
 People  A sampler of people photos taken over the years Jan 2024 Yes  
 A Photo Sampler  A selection of unrelated photos taken with different cameras Feb 2021 Yes  
 Another Photo Sampler  Another selection of miscellaneous photos taken over the years A[r 2021 Yes  
 Yet Another Photo Sampler  Re-processing old favorites with DxO PhotoLab 5 and DeepPRIME Feb 2022 Yes  
 Photographier avec du Kodak Portra 400  French version of page "Shooting Kodak Portra 400 Film" Apr 2018 Yes  
 PhotoLab 4 and DeepPRIME  DxO makes the best raw converter even better Jan 2021 Yes  
 PhotoLab 6 and DeepPRIME XD  Looking at the the evolution of DxO PhotoLab and DeepPRIME Nov 2022 Yes  
 Post Processing Digital Images  It's not cheating, it's indispensable! Mar 2018 Yes  
 Shooting Kodachrome 25 film  Shooting Kodachrome 25 on Groix in 1976 Nov 2020 Yes  
 Shooting Kodak Ektar 100 Film  Extending my experimenting with analog photography Mar 2019 Yes  
 Shooting Kodak Portra 400 Film  What it is like to shoot film in the digital age Apr 2018 Yes  
 Shooting Kodak T-Max 400 Film  Shooting T-Max400 black-and-white film with the Nikkormat FT2 Aug 2020 Yes  
 Straightening Lines  Correcting keystone effects and other distortions Feb 2024 Yes  
 Time Travel: 1994 Corsica Photos  Salvaging botched images from a Photo CD Sep 2017 Yes  
 X-T30 Film Simulations  A look at the various simulations available on the X-T30 Feb 2020 Yes  

Odds & Ends

 Web Page  Description Date Retina PW
 2011 Photo Calendar  Trying my hand at a photo calendar... again Jan 2011    
 Apple Studio Display Desktops  16 desktop photos in 5120 x 2880 resolution for Apple 5K displays Apr 2022 Yes  
 Awakening  The town of Cannes wakes up after a COVID-19 lockdown Jun 2021 Yes  
 Back In Wine Country  Checking on the grapes... Aug 2011 Yes  
 Beaumes-de-Venise  Learning about making wine on a large scale Jul 2011 Yes  
 Black & White Desktop Photos  Rediscovering the joys of Black & White photography Mar 2011 Yes  
 Blogging  Post-mortem of an experiment Dec 2017    
 Cats  A few felines we encountered while photographing other things Mar 2011 Yes  
 Christmas Market  Strolling through the 2014 Valbonne Christmas Market Jan 2015 Yes  
 Cybersnare  Must-read article by Roberto di Cosmo on Microsoft's monopoly Jan 1999    
 Desktop photographs for Retina displays  A collection of high-resolution photographic desktops Sep 2012 Yes  
 Domaine Berthet-Rayne  A visit to a family owned and managed winery Jun 2011 Yes  
 Donkey Day  A parade of asses in Escragnolles... Jul 2014 Yes  
 Grape Harvest at Beaumes-de-Venise  Returning to Beaumes-de-Venise for the grape harvest Oct 2011 Yes  
 Grape Harvest at Berthet-Rayne *  The Châteauneuf-du-Pape grape harvest Nov 2011    
 Index  Listing of this section's pages in the order they were added Jan 1999    
 The James B. Hunt Jr. Library  A visit to NC State University's Centennial Campus Library Aug 2010 Yes  
 Joan Baez Concert  An evening at the North Carolina Museum of Art Aug 2010    
 Lavender  The color purple... Aug 2014 Yes  
 Macintosh Desktop Photos 1  Macintosh Desktop Images May 2007    
 Macintosh Desktop Photos 2  More Macintosh Desktop Images Volume 2 May 2007    
 Macintosh Desktop Photos 3  Still more Macintosh Desktop Images May 2007    
 Martijn's Toy  Hint: 3.5 liters, 8 cylinders, and an awesome look... Jan 1999    
 Miscellaneous Photos  Faces and Places Jan 1999    
 The Pits  At the Monaco Grand Prix, that is May 2001    
 Porsche by Design  A wonderful exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art Jan 2014 Yes  
 Sculpture in the Garden  Photos of the 34th annual Sculpture in the Garden exhibit Dec 2022 Yes  
 Shakori Hills Festival of Music and Dance  A North Carolina Happening Jun 2017 Yes  
 Special Requests  On this page, we address requests visitors come up with Jan 1999    
 Upheaval  Moving to Cannes after 22 years in Valbonne Feb 2013    
 Watermark  Home page of the MS Word Watermark macro Jan 1999    

Unlinked Pages

These are a few of the pages that are not part of any section and are not linked to from within the web site

 Web Page  Description Date Retina PW
 La Bastide d'Engras  Vist to the vacation home of Doug's friend Frank Jul 2005    
 Cory on Abbots Creek Trail  Just a couple of photos of Cory, taken on Christmas Day, 2012. Dec 2012 Yes  
 Domaine Les Courmettes  A series of photos of an old sanitarium Apr 2007    
 Doug's A5 Celebration  A birthday celebration in Bloomington, Indiana Feb 2005 Yes Yes
 Oldest surviving version of our web site  What this site looked like on March 27, 1997 Mar 1997    
 RG 8d 2004 Class Reunion  High school class reunion—30 years after graduation (in German) Jul 2004    
 The Retina Display  Seeing Is Believing Jul 2012 Yes  

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