Christmas in London

Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge

Following our enormously enjoyable Christmas trip to New York in 1999, we decided that 2002 would be the year for Christmas in London. We had always wanted to visit London with the whole family, and the fact that David was home for the holidays provided the perfect opportunity. We flew from Nice to Heathrow on December 23 and returned late on December 27. We had a wonderful time and managed to see quite a few things. Of course, we had to have afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason, shop on Oxford Street, admire the Tower Bridge, walk around Picadilly Circus, look up at Nelson on Trafalgar Square, listen to Big Ben chime, and do all the usual tourist stuff. We walked a lot, especially on Christmas Day when, as it turned out, neither subways nor buses were running!

The weather was very cooperative; in fact, it was less cold than in the South of France. We did have a little bit of rain, but mostly it was dry, though the skies were grey. This page contains a small sample of the many pictures we took during our mini-vacation. We are now thinking of what city to celebrate Christmas in next...

The Ashburn Hotel

The Ashburn Hotel: Our temporary home

Vicki     David

Eric     Daniel

A typical vacation treat: enough time for the family to enjoy breakfast together

Fortnum and Mason's Food Court

View from the Patio Restaurant onto Fortnum & Mason's Food Court

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Detail of the palace gate

Detail of the Buckingham Palace gate

Guard at Buckingham Palace

Guard at Buckingham Palace

Big Ben

The minute hands on Big Ben's 4 faces are each 14 feet (4.3 meters) long!

Lamps on Westminster Bridge

The lovely lamps that illuminate Westminster bridge

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey: exterior view of the apse

The Tower of London

The Tower of London, home of the crown jewels

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square on Christmas Day

Statue of Nelson

Nelson overlooking Trafalgar Square

The Carousel at Leicester Square

The Carousel at Leicester Square

Covent Gardens

Covent Gardens market on Christmas Day: closed!

London Bus

London Bus

Oxford Street

On December 27, the sales begin and the crowds invade Oxford Street

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