Miscellaneous Photos

This page contains photos that we wanted on-line but could not fit anywhere else.


Dave (Manhattan, August 22, 2001)

Karen and Bailey

Karen and Bailey (Chapel Hill, June 2001)


Gail doing what she does best (Orlando, June 2001)

Thomas and David

Thomas and David (Basel, April 2001)

Evita     Gersam

Evita and Gersam (April 2001)


Paul (no longer Mr. nearly 19...) in Manhattan (December 2000)


John (the one with the little red car) during our annual lunch. (Summer 1998)

Pop (another John

We feel we've known Pop forever -- and he never changes! (Summer 1998)

Pasta Palace

The best pasta joint in the world, but it's by invitation only (we have one).

Richard     Annette

Richard and Annette (Summer 1998)

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