Not exactly home, sweet home yet!

We are moving! After having lived in our Valbonne house for 22 years, we sold it and bought an apartment in Cannes. We locked our old front door for the last time on January 23, and since then we've been living in a 25 square meter (~ 170 square foot) 2-room studio while we are having work done in our new home. Just about all our belongings are in storage and awaiting the day we will be able to move in. The good news is that this will happen this coming Monday, February 25. The bulk of the work will be done by then, and the few remaining details can be taken care of once we are settled in.

The other good news is that work is progressing nicely; we seem to have the good fortune of dealing with a team of people who are extremely reliable, capable, and endowed with a healthy dose of perfectionism. Among other things, they are redoing the old plaster ceilings and restoring and sealing the orignal 1926 oakwood floors in the bedrooms. This requires quite a bit of expertise, and fortunately the people working in our new place have it.

Still, taking care of all the details while spending business hours on the job is rather time-consuming, so we are taking a break from the monthly additions or updates to this site. We hope to resume in March when, with any luck, we will have more time, a normally sized home, our full computer system, and even a desk. Stay tuned!

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