Doug’s A5 Celebration

Bloomington, Indiana, February 19 and 20 MMV

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A5 Logo by Greg Huber and Punya MishraWelcome to these souvenirs of Doug’s A5 celebration! I'm writing this in June of 2023, and it's hard to believe that this wonderful event took place over 18 years ago! This page is a complete rework of the page I published back in February of 2005. I reprocessed my original raw files (I hope I learned a great deal about processing digital images since the A5 days, and of course, the tools have gotten much more sophisticated and yield better results).

The basic layout has remained the same: There are 5 pages of photographs, each containing 7 rows of 4 thumbnails in horizontal and 1 row of 5 thumbnails in vertical format. Thus, there are 33 images per page, and 165 (A5, of course!) overall. A few of these are very nice while many are just OK but at least good enough to serve as reminders of the fabulous time we all had. I did not try to "get everyone"; I simply did not know the participants well enough to attempt it. However, I did move around a fair bit, and I do hope that every person appears in at least one shot. If that is not the case, I apologize; all I can say is that no one was left out on purpose.

The thumbnails are still displayed in a space of 180 x 120 pixels, but they now measure 360 x 240 pixels, so they will look much better on Retina or other high-resolution displays. As stated on each page, clicking on a thumbnail produces a larger version of the image for on-screen viewing: 2,400 x 1,600 pixels (up from 900 x 600 on the old page). Clicking on the caption line below a photo downloads a printable 3,000 x 2,000 pixel version of that particular image (up from 2,100 x 1,400 on the old page); these print files are high-quality (level 9 in Photoshop) JPEGs, and saved in .zip format, obviously not to save space but to prevent the browser from displaying, instead of downloading, the files. The print files should be adequate for printing at sizes up to, say, 12 x 8 inches.

With Doug's help, I was able to put together captions for all the photos. You may view the caption for any image simply by moving the mouse pointer over its thumbnail. If you prefer, you may see the complete list in PDF format. There is also a reverse caption index (in PDF format as well). It lists people in alphabetical order by last name and shows the number of the photos on which they appear. People who are not listed may still appear in one or more group photos.

Just a quick note on using these photos: Though I retain the copyright to all images, permission is hereby granted for you to view or print any photo in these A5 pages for your own, personal use. This includes using a commercial service to produce prints from the data files published in the A5 section of this web site if you wish. Any other commercial use requires the approval of the subject or subjects as well as my permission.

At the bottom of every page, there is a feedback link that may be used for suggesting improvements, offering constructive criticism, asking questions, complaining about unflattering photos, lodging special requests, or just plain saying hello. I had a wonderful time at A5, and it was truly a privilege meeting and getting to talk to so many of you. Thank you all for making A5 such a superlative event, and Doug, thank you so much for hosting it!

Daniel, 14 June 2023
Cannes, France

From here, you may also visit the official A5 site or take a look at my main web site.

Title Page Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5

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