Some photos from "our village". Even though we live in the park of Sophia Antipolis, we are still part of the Valbonne township. For more information about the village, you check the village's page on the Provence -- Beyond the French Riviera web site. Unless otherwise specified, all pictures were taken on July 5, 1998.

The Arcades

The arcades in the center of the village

The village center

The center of the old village (April 25, 1999)

Café des Arcades

Café des Arcades (April 18, 2004)

Main Street

Main Street (April 18, 2004)

Outer part of the old village

The outer part of the old village (April 25, 1999)

The old "mairie"

The old "mairie" (town hall)

The new "mairie"

The new "mairie" (July 8, 2001)

Street café

One of the many street cafés in Valbonne

market day in the village

Market day in the village

Night view

Evening in Valbonne (May 18, 2001)

The old church

The old church (May 18, 2001)

Valbonne cats

One painted and one real Valbonne cat

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