This charming village perched on a cliff features a medieval old town that is almost completely intact. From the main square, one can walk along the "Grand' Rue", the semicircular main street along which one finds many art galleries and craft shops. If you are into olive wood, this is the place for you. The bakery features the word's best butter croissants, at least according to a New York Times article pasted on the wall; it begins with the words, "the search for the best croissants in the world is over" and specifically mentions the Tourrettes-sur-Loup bakery. While we're not sure we agree with so definitive a verdict, it is a fact that the croissants are really very, very good.

For more information about Tourrettes-sur-Loup, you can visit the village's page on the Provence -- Beyond the French Riviera web site.

The photos on this page were taken on September 5, 1999

View from the access road

Tourrettes-sur-Loup seen from the access road

Grand' rue

The "Grand' Rue"

The entrance to the old village   Main Street

The entrance to the old village and Main Street

Entrance to a typcal village house

Entrance to a typical village house

Wood, stone, and iron

Wood, stone, and iron

Fountain in front of the "mairie"

Fountain in front of the "mairie" (town hall)

Street café

One of several tiny street cafés

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