For some reason, this gorgeous village has escaped the onslaught of mass tourism that normally spills into every nook and cranny of this area. It is true that little is done to attract visitors: there is no restaurant inside the village itself, and aside from a gallery where local artist Gabriel Mariani exhibits his work, and a tiny gift shop, there is nothing to cater to tourists. Yet, Peillon, which has almost completely retained its medieval appearance, is worth a trip any day. So refreshing is the absence of tour buses and blatant commercialism that we actually hesitated to add this page to our site. By way of compensating a bit, let us give fair warning: the drive up to Peillon is not for the faint of heart or for drivers unaccustomed to narrrow, winding, and steep roads... enough said.

The photos on this page were taken on May 19, 2001

View of Peillon

View of the village from the access road

Village entrance

The entrance to the village with the war memorial

Street scene

Street scene


The stairs that lead up to the main square with the church

Stairway   Street scene

The church and a quiet street


Rooftops of Peillon

Village house

Village house

View of the village

Peillon in the late afternoon sun

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