Le vieux Nice

The old part of Nice is a maze of narrow streets and stairways, and every nook and cranny appears to be occupied by a specialty store, a café, a restaurant, or a boutique. The pictures on this page were taken fairly early on a Sunday morning; a couple of hours later, the number of people would have made photography a bit of a challenge. The old town is very popular with tourists and natives alike. In the summer, the tall buildings lining the narrow streets block the sun and help keep the place cool.

This is also the part of town where the flower market is held, though much more than flowers are sold these days. On Sunday mornings, one also finds fruit, vegetables, candy, fish, bread, and many other items

The photos on this page were taken on April 8, 2001

Street scene in old Nice   Street scene in old Nice   Street scene in old Nice

The narrow streets and many colors of the old part of town

Street café

Street café by the old market

Cathedral   Inside the cathedral

The "Sainte Réparate" Cathedral

The old market

The old market is the heart of "Le vieux Nice"

It is unfortunate that there is no plug-in available for conveying the many different smells that waft through the old market as one strolls from stand to stand. Nor can the web page adequately render the symphony of colors that one witnesses on market days, though a small sample of the goods presented is surely in order in spite of this limitation. Here, then, for your enjoyment, from left to right and top to bottom are

Lollipops     Strawberries

Radishes     Marzipan

Sweets     Red peppers

Spices     Sardines

Pikachu salesman

Something for everyone: decisions, decisions...


Yes, this is originally a flower market


Seafood displayed on ice

The old prefecture

The old "Préfecture"

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