Le château

The "château" (castle) is the name given to the 92 meter (300 feet) hill that dominates the city of Nice. During the 5th century B.C., a Greek settlement was established on the hill and named first "Nikaïa", then "Nike" (from the Greek word for "victory"). Over the years, this eventually became Nice. The hill derives its name from a fort that was destroyed in 1706 by order of Louis XIV. Today, the "château" is an area of recreation from where one has a spectacular view of the city of Nice.

The photos on this page were taken on January 3, 1999

Quai des Etats-Unis

View of the "château" from the "Quai des Etats-Unis"

Above the old town

Above "Le Vieux Nice" (the old part of town)

The ruins of "Nikaia"

The ruins of Nikaïa, dating from the 5th century B.C.

The waterfall

The waterfall

Park scene

A lovely place for a Sunday afternoon stroll

Harbor view

The harbor of Nice

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