Biot is one of the communities on whose land the park of Sophia Antipolis is located (Valbonne is another one). As is the case with so many villages around here, the oldest part is perched on a hill that overlooks the surrounding area. Just over three kilometers (two miles) from the Mediterranean, Biot is very well known for its glass works and the Fernand Léger museum. The old village features charming, narrow streets that are more adapted to pedestrians (and maybe donkeys) than cars.

You can find out more about Biot by checking out the village's own web site.

The photos on this page were taken on February 14, 1999

Main Street

The war memorial on the main village street

A doorway   Another doorway

Doorways come in many flavors...


Houses on the Place aux Arcades

Steet   Arch

Side Street and Archway

Fernand Léger museum

The Fernand Léger museum

Biot cat

Biot cat

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