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Village Street

Street in an old back-country village



In spite of many resolutions (and due to chronic procrastination), this section has not been built yet. What we plan to publish here are mostly links to local (i.e., French and French Riviera) sites. The gathering of such links is turning out to be extremely time-consuming.The URLs listed below constitute but a modest start to what we hope this page will eventually become. In the meantime, anyone is, of course, welcome to submit requests as to what kind of information they might want to see in this space.


! IconVirtual Riviera

! IconNice

! IconCannes

! IconCôte d'Azur

! IconNice Matin

! IconGrasse

! IconSophia Antipolis

! IconAntibes

! IconThe Paris Pages


Take a look at our Venice page!

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